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    “Owen Prescott” Immortal Abyss

    In Immortal Abyss, “Owen Prescott” is an artist / designer once tasked with the role of helping the Source and Syndicate with their operations. Owen was the creator of relics, portals, vessels and other collectables for the Source, Syndicate and other investigators to use Any possible appearances or communications with Owen should be considered as […] More

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    Cyberpunk Metropolis Timelapse GIF (Pencil / Procreate)

    I’ve  invested in an iPad Pro (+ Pencil) specifically for the purpose of video capturing my hand drawn illustrations. I’ll also be streaming and creating timelapse videos of my featured works here on my blog.  This is my first test artwork and I have to say the Pencil works great (although ridiculously expensive). There’s not […] More

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    U Network Hive

    U Network is an Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency that focuses on rewarding content creators that publish quality content on UUU based Dapps (decentralised applications). As a content creator and crypto enthusiast, I’ve seen great potential in this particular content platform and have been working towards contributing to their dev community. The idea behind U Network […] More

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    Crimson Red – Taiwan Street Photography

    I selected several photos with a minimalist look and not much going on in the scene. The deep crimson red hue blends into the shadows while also highlithing the structural properties of the vents, signs and forms found on the Taiwainese buildings. More

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    ‘Origin Biotope’ #01 [TIMELAPSE]

    This footage is a quick timelapse featuring one of my biotope / glass jar Terrariums. It contrains exclsuviely springtails using coconut husk, natural earth and charcoal substrate. Springtail culuture is best suited to a wet/humid enviroment and the closed jar does a great job on retaining mositure at the bottom. More

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    Black Forest

    Black Forest is features a unqiue black/white organic style inspired by my recent Bonasi Tree concepts. Originally the plan was simply to surround my temple design with dense plant overgrowth, however I had the idea to create surrounding forest tree’s circling the dense plants. I’ll experiment with this concept/style and I’ll see how I can […] More

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