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    “The Source” Immortal Abyss

    The Source is a mysterious character / entity with insider information and great power. Originally the founder of ImAbyss operation, the source once offered protection to investigators before later abandoning them. The main condition the Source outlined being that investigators disseminate a strict set of rules, one of which being that all information and materials […] More

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    “Abyss Syndicate” Immortal Abyss

    Syndicate once worked under the Source but later cut all ties soon taking over the leadership role in the latest iteration of ImAbyss. Syndicate is often travelling (usually in Asia) and has a several technology orientated projects going on regarding the investigation. One project being virtual reality simulations that he claims are built to attract […] More

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    "Relic Bundle" Immortal Abyss

    Immortal Abyss “relics” are ancient items used for barter / trade, essentially acting as a form of currency. The most common type of relic come in the form of mall segments of bamboo cuts, each adorned with symbols identifying recipients, historical information and other key details relevant to active transactions. Other types of relic may […] More

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    Cyberpunk Metropolis Timelapse GIF (Pencil / Procreate)

    I’ve  invested in an iPad Pro (+ Pencil) specifically for the purpose of video capturing my hand drawn illustrations. I’ll also be streaming and creating timelapse videos of my featured works here on my blog.  This is my first test artwork and I have to say the Pencil works great (although ridiculously expensive). There’s not […] More

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    U Network Hive

    U Network is an Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency that focuses on rewarding content creators that publish quality content on UUU based Dapps (decentralised applications). As a content creator and crypto enthusiast, I’ve seen great potential in this particular content platform and have been working towards contributing to their dev community. The idea behind U Network […] More

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    Crimson Red – Taiwan Street Photography

    I selected several photos with a minimalist look and not much going on in the scene. The deep crimson red hue blends into the shadows while also highlithing the structural properties of the vents, signs and forms found on the Taiwainese buildings. More

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    Neon Green Taipei – Taiwan Street Photography

    This series if Taiwan photo’s brings to life the wide variety of spotlight and neon signs found in Taiwan New Taipei. The constrast between greens and pinks in the image help to create a sense of depth since different sources of light require volumes of space to illuminate. More

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    ‘Origin Biotope’ #01 [TIMELAPSE]

    This footage is a quick timelapse featuring one of my biotope / glass jar Terrariums. It contrains exclsuviely springtails using coconut husk, natural earth and charcoal substrate. Springtail culuture is best suited to a wet/humid enviroment and the closed jar does a great job on retaining mositure at the bottom. More

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    Black Forest

    Black Forest is features a unqiue black/white organic style inspired by my recent Bonasi Tree concepts. Originally the plan was simply to surround my temple design with dense plant overgrowth, however I had the idea to create surrounding forest tree’s circling the dense plants. I’ll experiment with this concept/style and I’ll see how I can […] More

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    Elder Village

    The first in a new illustration series combining elements of cyberpunk with natural Asian inspired landscape. Using an isometric perspective city scene, I decided to also the composition using river/streams and large overgrown plants.   More

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    Nero City Cyberpunk Dysutopia

    Level Design created using Unreal Engine 4. The centerpiece for this scene is the alleyway tucked in between two towering buildings. A major element to my design choices is emissive material used on the windows, this adds depth and a sense of scale even in the dark shadow areas. The use of wires, ivy and […] More

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