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    Low Poly 3D Models – Early Atoms4D Game Concepts

    This set of 3D models was created originally for a scifi indie game called Atoms4D. The plan was to create an RTS (real time strategy) style game however I have since migrated these assets to my new game and film series Immortal Abyss. Most of these are modelled using Cinema4D using primitve geometry and minimal […] More

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    Dark Neon Scifi UFO Game Concept (Early Atoms4D Indie Game)

    During early development of my indie game Atoms4D I level designed a cool looking subterranian city with cyberpunk style neon lights. The city was mostly composed of walled off structures and holographic door signage.¬† A large centrifuge mothership style structure also rotated above adding an element of dynamisism to the level design. It’s likely this […] More

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    SERVO2 – Stimulant Experiment

    This motion piece is part of my graphic design dissertation project. Servo2 (S2) is a company that believes in a process called “workforce optimization”, this process involves maximizing the potential productivity and efficiency of people working for Servo2’s clients. In doing so, Servo2 lose touch with a sense or morals and ethics, instead using resources […] More

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