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Nero Map / Level Design (Cyberpunk Urban Street) – Immortal Abyss

Map / Level Design

This linear map design is based on the idea of a large nearby port trafficing commuters to and from stations dotted around the region. There are several pathways guarded at key intersections as Servo2 maintain strict survielance over the entire city.

One key element for creating the urban cyberpunk city is overcast lighting cast through the windws. Warmer pink light illuminates the cooler blue areas to add to the sense of depth and to define differect sections of the maps. Also a blinding warm sky light adds a surreal feeling intended not as sunlight but artifical light keeping the city from rest.

World Building Storyline

Nero, an old industrial city acquired by Servo 2 industries for classified purposes. The cities population is largely composed of S2 employee’s transported to and from the region in large cargo vessels.

A smaller subset of the population also includes resident civilians though rarely seen out in public. It’s is common for these residents to act extremely secretive and almost fearful of both newcomers to the city and also S2 employee’s.

Report of sporadic acts of terror in remote regions of Nero are reported via S2’s funded media and PA systems.

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