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U Network Hive

Design Concepts, Projects & Community

U Network is an Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency that focuses on rewarding content creators that publish quality content on UUU based Dapps (decentralised applications).

As a content creator and crypto enthusiast, I’ve seen great potential in this particular content platform and have been working towards contributing to their dev community. The idea behind U Network Hive, a community I’ve founded is to establish a core community of specialised dev’s and experts into the crypto space.

As our community has been growing, we’ve seen significant support from the official U Network team which is exciting for the future of Hive.

A couple of projects we have in mind at the time of this post are intended to be crowdfunded. The incentive behind Hive projects is largely to increase mass adoption of the U Network platform. For example a WordPress plugin that pulls in the immutable blockchain data to associate user profiles with raised funds (known as “sugar”) on the platform.

Another platform frontend concept I’ve designed is for a U Network based wallet.

In my opinion the crypto market is relatively lackluster in regards to professional / high quality user experience / design and so I hope that my work on Hive will help to differentiate the U platform from other competitors.

U Network Hive Logo Design

Cryptocurrency Wallet Frontend Design

WordPress UUU User Profile Widget

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