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UNetwork 'HIVE' – Cryptocurrency Dev Concepts, Branding & Community

UNetwork is a cryptocurrency Ethereum smart contract based platform with a strong localized foundation in Asia and goals to expand into a global market. This blockchain project caught my interest relative to its goal to reward content creators, moderators and general users. The idea being that by voting with “sugar”, users are given monetary incentive to upvote content they believe other users will also deem as quality or worthy of sharing. 

As a content creator myself, I’m very aware of the shortfalls of traditional social media when it comes to lack of high quality content. I would like to see creators be compensated for this work and thus I’m actively supporting UNetwork with my own ‘Hive’ project. 

I’ve established ‘Hive’ to operate in parallel to the official UNetwork platform, catering more towards the English speaking market in particular. A major challenge / goal is to attract crypto dev’s (in very high demand) who I can work alongside to develop smart contract based DAPPs using UNetwork as a foundation and taking advantage of its voting mechanism.  

Some initial concepts that have been developed for UNetwork Hive include a wallet and modular plugin system.

My participation in the community has been noted by the official UNetwork team and over time i’m excited to see what ‘Hive’ might evolve into.

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