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Abyss WorldBuilding Shrines and Low Tech Structures

Featuring a large series of traditional shrines and cyberpunk stylised structures.These are some of the earlier worldbuilding illustrations that lated helped to develop the Abyss Series.The scale of each of these vary although it’s not entirely obvious without some contextual environments in the background to compare against. In some instances I’ve used ladders which helps to emphasise scale relative to a human being. 

It’s worth noting some of the more subtle symbolism and world building going on too. The ladders are a relatively low tech form of getting around vs say a lift or moving platform, this helps to suggests residents of the world might have taken over these structures or generally lack the resources to build overly complex / advanced tech.

Plants, vegetation and foliage is a common theme in the Abyss and symbolise the ancient lore that underpins the world. These organic components are also a helpful as tool to distinguish the age of certain structures, generally speaking overgrow = age, ancient or desolate.


Flat 2D Cityscape Digital Artwork / Puzzle


Machines & Vehicles Concept Art Sketchbook