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    Abyss WorldBuilding Shrines and Low Tech Structures

    Featuring a large series of traditional shrines and cyberpunk stylised structures.These are some of the earlier worldbuilding illustrations that lated helped to develop the Abyss Series.The scale of each of these vary although it’s not entirely obvious without some contextual environments in the background to compare against. In some instances I’ve used ladders which helps […] More

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    Flat 2D Cityscape Digital Artwork / Puzzle

    Projecting a cityscape onto a 2D plane was an interesting study vs my usual approach of conceptualising 3D geometry with perspective.  Often times I like to use stairs to lead the eye around cityscape scenes for example.The flat buildings however take up significantly more canvas real estate as 2D shapes and thus iI as influenced […] More

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    Abyss Cyberpunk Shrines / Temples

    These temples / shrines are part of a series exploring traditional architecture immersed into nature. I like the aesthetic of vines and tree branches intertwined with architecture to help balance man made geometry and more organic / serene landscape. These layouts inspired by calligraphy writing, the idea being what space behind key areas of the […] More

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    Scifi Terrestrial Machines – Tarot Cards

    A set of mechanical scifi calligraphy pen illustrations. Each card depicts a towering walking / flying machine navigation through sprawling cityscapes with no regard for the environment. Buildings and structures for example crumble under the weight and sheer size of these machines. More

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    Cyberpunk Parallax Animated Illustration

    I wanted to have a go at turning one of my hand drawn illustrations into an animation piece.  For this test I adopted a parallax approach essentially masking the composition onto separate layers that were animated (scaled) individually. Various post process effects also applied including some particle effects just to add a sense of further […] More

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    WorldBuilding Fantasy Map – Timelapse Artwork

    Worldbuilding is about generating a world / story narrative that is often underpinned by visual media (e.g. film / games). This often includes custom designed maps and so I wanted to explore the process of generating an illustrative fantasy style map. There was no particular formula or planning behind the maps design and so this […] More

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    Flying Vehicles Concept Art – Rough Sketches

    These quick sketches were created to conceptualise some ideas for some racing game 3D models. Each concept is a study of shape / form to determine endless possibilities in style and class of vehicle. More

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    Cyberpunk Architecture / World Building Concepts

    These sketchbook drawings were created in 2016 and represent the first set of illustrations focusing on large / complex urban cyberpunk scenes. Developing these scenes significantly helped me to develop a greater sense of spatial perception and how to compose 3D geometry. Each building is highlighted to add depth and empty white space in the […] More