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    Temples & Shrines Concept Art Sketchbook

    A mixture of traditional and hybrid style temples, shrines and other folklore inspired architecture More

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    Technology, Contraptions & Gadgets Concept Art Sketchbook

    Conceptualising new forms of technology is an interesting challenge and forces you to think more about practical applications. Everything from manufacturing processes to ergonomics need to be considered, however every now and then it’s fun to create something purely abstract. More

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    Cyberpunk Streets & Cityscape Concept Art Sketchbook

    A mixed selection of various cyberpunk city scenes using mostly freehand isometric perspective. A lot of my achitecural concepts concepts combine man made structure and organic nature, the latter adding character and a sense of age to the scene.l More

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    Architectural Structures & Building Concept Art Sketchbook

    Artworks featuring buildings and towering structures More

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    Isometric Component Geometry

    Random technical studies of different shapes and forms in isometric perspective More

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    Abstract Dragon Sun Artwork

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    Abyss WorldBuilding Shrines and Low Tech Structures

    Featuring a large series of traditional shrines and cyberpunk stylised structures.These are some of the earlier worldbuilding illustrations that lated helped to develop the Abyss Series.The scale of each of these vary although it’s not entirely obvious without some contextual environments in the background to compare against. In some instances I’ve used ladders which helps […] More

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    Flat 2D Cityscape Digital Artwork / Puzzle

    Projecting a cityscape onto a 2D plane was an interesting study vs my usual approach of conceptualising 3D geometry with perspective.  Often times I like to use stairs to lead the eye around cityscape scenes for example.The flat buildings however take up significantly more canvas real estate as 2D shapes and thus iI as influenced […] More

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