Oxygen Simulator Project - Development Updates

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    Oxygen Sim – Biotope / Habitat Simulator [Dev Update #03]

    The new Oxygen Sim update showcases a couple new tools added to the simulator. One such tool is the dynamic grass cutting system that allows players to trim grass with full control. This is technique commonly used by scapers as plants outgrow their tank, trimming grass is also a great way to improve the composition […] More

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    Oxygen Sim – Biotope / Habitat Simulator [Dev Update #02]

    This second update for Oxygen showcases added drone control functionality for a more intuitive experience. Players can pilot their drone and change cameras, scan areas, use gadgets and also place a wide selection of objects. Each time an object (e.g. a rock) is placed into the level, a random rotation / scale is selected automatically […] More

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    Oxygen Sim – Biotope / Habitat Simulator [Dev Update #01]

    Oxygen Sim is a PC game / simulator I’m working on that allows players to create aquascapes, terrariums and other variations of biotopes. This first update showcases a procedurally generated aquascape with rocks, aquatic plants and livestock. Key to the beauty of this simulation is a custom lighting setup which replicates conditions of a real […] More