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    Architectural Building Facade – Stable Diffusion AI

    In the realm of architectural design and digital visualization, creating captivating building facades is an art that demands innovation and creativity. The advent of stable diffusion has revolutionized this process by offering a method to generate randomly stunning facades with endless possibilities. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing concept of stable diffusion-generated […] More

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    Mechanical Scifi Cyberpunk Rover Probes & Machines

    I have explored various themes and concepts, combining mechanical elements, cyberpunk aesthetics, and random states of condition and weather. Each artwork is a fusion of imagination and artificial intelligence, resulting in visually captivating and thought-provoking pieces. Mechanical Robotic Probe Rover: Experience the wonders of futuristic exploration with my mechanical robotic probe rover artworks. These pieces […] More

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    Cyberpunk Apartment Bedroom Interior Concepts

    This collection showcases a captivating blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and atmospheric variations, portraying a cyberpunk apartment bedroom set in a bustling metropolis. Each artwork depicts the bedroom in different times of the day, varying states of condition, diverse weather conditions, and incorporates cyberpunk props. Cyberpunk Apartment Bedroom: Immerse yourself in the futuristic ambiance of a […] More

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    Atoms4D – (Part 2) Scifi Underground Neon City

    The next step in my Atoms4D project was to build an underground city. I created modular building BP’s has homes/rooms with interactable doors. As you can see from these concepts, I was going for a more surreal aesthetic however I could have toned down the bloom and lens effects post processing for this environment. More

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    Atoms4D – (Part 1) Scifi Modular Mothership Concept

    This is one of my earliest game dev projects utilising Unreal Engine 4 and Google Sketchup. The idea behind it was a large floating mothership that could cluster together to form cities. Each mothership is assembled by smaller modular habitable live pods that would be rented like hotels. At the time I was more interested […] More

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